'Time For US' Mini Candles


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Something we don't do enough of. Take time to spend 20 minutes with your favourite people, cuddling your children, chatting about your day with your partner or reminding that parent how much you love them and listening to their stories!

Never take time out for you? Our 'Time For' Collection gives you a reason to allow yourself twenty minutes of guilt-free time with a gentle honey aroma aiding well-being through relaxation, meditation, or mindfulness.

  • 'Time For Us' Mini Candles
  • Gentle honey aroma
  • Made from pure beeswax
  • 12 mini candles with a ceramic holder
  • Each candle burns for 20 minutes
  • Handmade in the UK
  • Comes in a grey sliding box
  • Stylish outer paper
  • 'Time is precious' Card 
  • Candle Size (Approx): 1cm x 7cm
  • A Perfect, thoughtful gift or as a treat for yourself!